Mother of Pearl

A wonderful bi-product of South Sea Pearl Farming, The mother of pearl shell is a sustainably sourced, natural material which is commonly used for a variety of items including buttons, furniture inlay, fashion accessories, jewellery, car paint, skincare products and home décor. Like the pearl, the Mother of Pearl shell is popular for its iridescence.

During the harvest months, Autore Mother of Pearl Shell is available for purchase. To enquire about purchasing wholesale Mother of pearl please contact us at

Autore Mother of Pearl Shell is MSC certified sustainable.

Pearl Meat

A sustainably sourced bi-product of South Sea Pearl Farming operations, Pearl Meat is the abductor muscle of the Pinctada maxima shell and is known for its aphrodisiac properties. With only a small quantity available on the market each year, Pearl meat is a sought-after delicacy in many countries, and is becoming increasingly popular providing a unique and unparalleled dining experience. Described the have a similar texture and flavour as abalone or scallops, pearl meat is known for its nutritional value and remedial benefits. After each harvest, Autore pearl meat is snap frozen and then sold to internationally recognised restaurants around the world.

If you would like to enquire about purchasing wholesale pearl meat, please contact us at

Autore Pearl Meat is MSC certified sustainable.