Autore Loose Pearls

The Autore Group’s Pearl Department is responsible for the grading, sorting and wholesale distribution of loose pearls to the international market. Known as the ‘engine room’ of the company, the Pearl Department was originally established to broker loose pearls on behalf of producers and later to value-add and produce pearl strands to supply mainly wholesalers and large jewellery houses. The Pearl Department provides cleaning, grading and estimation services to Autore owned farms and some other producers in preparation for wholesale.

Autore has an expertise in creating unique parcels and strands due to its expansive access to the rarity of gem quality and colour from different farms, blending and matching specific wholesale loose pearl parcels to suit individual buyer’s specifications.

Autore’s Pearl Department has a well-deserved and well-developed international reputation for providing unique high quality and innovative South Sea pearls and strands.


The Autore Group’s wholesale auctions are a regular date in the South Sea Pearl Calendar, and are held in Japan and Hong Kong 3-4 times annually. An opportunity for wholesale clients to see and bid on some of the finest South Sea pearls on the market, companies from around the globe gather to see the latest product from Autore harvests.

With a range of goods from rare, gem quality pearls to more commercial goods, Autore auctions display a range of goods to suit different client’s requirements.

More Information

For more information on loose pearl wholesale and distribution please contact:

Vince Caccamo

Philip Kaiser

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