Lombok Showroom

In conjunction with the pearling operations in Lombok, AUTORE now has a visitors’ centre and showroom at their pearl farm located in the calm bay of Teluk Nara on Lombok’s west coast.

Guests visiting the AUTORE Pearl Farm will have the opportunity to discover how the rare and beautiful South Sea pearls are produced in Lombok and knowledgeable guides will explain the intricate processes of modern cultured pearl farming – from how the oysters are seeded, the growing process, harvesting and grading the pearls, through to the end result – the stunning pearls on display in their showroom.

After your tour, relax with a refreshing drink at the small café within the visitors centre and enjoy the sea breezes coming off the ocean. The visitors centre is perched on stilts in the warm waters just offshore at Teluk Nara harbour, only 25 minutes north of Senggigi.

The visitors centre looks out on the dramatic Rinjani mountain range on the mainland, and to the east, over the buoys of the pearl farm to the three GiliIslands, floating in the sparkling sea and just minutes away.

The pearl centre can be easily reached by car or taxi from Senggigi or by boat from any of the Gilis, and is a perfect day trip to discover the magic of Lombok pearls combined with the unique craftsmanship of AUTORE.

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